August 31st 

Photogrammetry in a tight space with a high ceiling

Photogrammetry of a chair – Attempt #1

1 thought on “Videos

  1. On the Linked-In discussion group Cultural Heritage Conservation Science. Research and practice’s discussion on 3-D digital imaging and photogrammetry for scientific documentation of heritage sites and collections , Nikolaos Maniatis wrote:

    “Hi Dale, you have set up a very interesting project! I would like to ask you if you have try any of the open source software that implements “structure from motion” technique for 3d reconstruction from photographs. I have used the Python Photogrammetry Toolbox ( the output point cloud is repeatable any time you run the project (at least every time I tried to check it). A demo video of a reconstructed mesh can be seen here: . In that way the whole project could be based on open source tools. Thanks for sharing your experience.”

    I wrote back: “Hey Nikolaos (Nikolaos Maniatis), GREAT question and post (above, last month) I have NOT used the “structure from motion” technique for 3D reconstruction from photos, although we are using Python Photogrammetry Toolbox. I’m going to pass this on to Joey Montoya and Megan Jacobs at New Mexico Highlands University who are continuing to refine our photogrammetry workflow – (see the project web page ). I know they will be very anxious to give it a spin!

    BTW, the students at NMHU have tested a REALLY cool lens calibration widget at Agisoft that creates the lens distortion correction algorithm by shooting a test screen pattern on a computer. After that, the entire capture is shortened by 75% AND assembly of the mesh is WAY faster. They’ll be posting this info soon on the NMHU page of the project website. I’ll let you know how our first attempt at hi-res structure-from-motion 3D assembly goes!”

    Hey Megan and Joey, (and I know Greg will want to get in on this Python photogrammetry toolbox action): Want to give it a Try?

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