NMHU 620

During the summer of 2012 the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum collaborated with New Mexico Highlands University AmeriCorps Cultural Technology program on an 8 week project. Seeing the project as a success, Dale Kronkright, head of conservation at the O’Keeffe Museum, wanted to take the project further in exploring photogrammetry.

New Mexico Highlands University, collaborating with the O’Keeffe Museum, developed a graduate course led by Professor Megan Jacobs which focuses on developing the skill of stereoscopic photogrammetry. The students include Eli Gonzales, Daniela de Angeli, Mariano Ulibarri and Joey Montoya. There are several directions and research projects the course will be exploring. Based on the results of the 8 week project and in attaining superb results of Georgia O’Keeffe’s home in Abiquiu, the Museum is looking to develop a 3D Visual Tour of the home for visitors who cannot make the trip. 3D printing has become an invaluable tool today in accurately recreating objects and part of the goal of the course is to create a small scale 3D model of O’Keeffe’s home. Part of the 8 week project was to create accurate 3D meshes of her house and furniture for conservation purposes. We will also be using photogrammetry on O’Keeffe’s furnishings! We are taking photogrammetry in a variety of directions for the sake of preserving and invigorating a new cultural experience, not only in New Mexico, but anywhere else the methods are adopted.

We will be posting our results, workflow and changes along the course of the semester! Stay tuned!

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