Week 5

Week 5 Overview (August 10th, 2012)

We’ve had tons of photogrammetry progress this week. We completed all exteriors of the O’Keeffe house and studio in Abiquiu. We now have around 1600 images that need to be processed and generated in PhotoScan. We also started our first indoor capture with the roofless room at Abiquiu.  We captured the whole interior of the roofless room and generated a mesh in the lowest quality.

Wireframe 3D geometry of the roofless room.

We attempted to create a mesh with 149 photos of the roofless room on high quality. We let it process for almost 72 hours and it ended up freezing. The elapsed time timer continued to tick, but the percentage completed remained the same. We are going to have to process no more than 50 photos at a time and put them together in Blender if we want to use high quality.

Agisoft has a great chart on memory requirements for processing (taken from Agisoft’s website). But we had a good test on whether or not it would work.

Agisoft’s memory requirements chart on processing in PhotoScan.

In PhotoScan you are able to create several chunks to process different images, though only one at a time. Since the roofless room consisted of 149 images we have to divide the processing into several chunks. After we have the meshes created, we export the model and load it in Blender (see Blender review). From there we can load all individual meshes and merge to act as one unit. At that point we will end up with a high quality mesh to work with. Currently we are researching and testing the ability to create a blueprint with accurate measurements of our model. There is a Photoshop CS6 tutorial on the subject.

We had several questions regarding PhotoScan this week. We are having some mesh display problems when we apply texture. Over on the Agisoft forums there is a section directed to bug reports and after posting a few questions, I received PROMT answers. Sometimes merely minutes after posting we would receive a response from a technical support agent. Even though we were having some display issues, exporting the mesh and importing it into Blender worked perfectly. The resolution of the mesh was actually quite better than what was shown in PhotoScan.

While we still have to process high quality meshes of the roofless room, here is a screen capture of the lowest quality demonstrated in Meshlab.

Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “Week 5

  1. Hey guys,

    I`m also doing some indoor 3D modeling with Photoscan but the room which I try do vizualise is sooo texturles… espesialy the walls. I want to ask you is it possible if I export a file then I can make some adjustments in Blender….like make a straight wall?

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